Hello everyone, thank you for visiting Leo and the Lion 

We are Phoebe & Chris and we are parents to our lovely baby boy Leo.

The brand Leo and the Lion started with us having Leo. When Leo was born he was a very long and a very skinny baby as I'm sure some of you can relate to, babies come in all shapes and sizes.

When getting Leo ready for the day we were noticing how short everything was on him so we went for the next size up.This however was great on the length but massive on Leo's tummy!

After months of buying items that would fit him for a few weeks and frustrations of ankle swinging outfits Chris and i decided to purchase some fabrics we liked and make him some leggings that would fit.

When doing this we came up with a concept of our rolling ankle and waist cuff. We tried this out on a pair we'd made for Leo and we were amazed how it worked. The leg fitted but the option was there to either roll or unroll the ankles to make them shorter or longer. And the waist cuff was so stretchy that it fitted on the skinnest to the chubbiest of baby bellies! At last something that would fit him for longer than a week!!!!

We have a lots of lovely designs available in sizes 0-4 yrs . We also have dribble bibs and headbands to match all handmade in our little Leo and the Lion HQ! We also now offer a personalised tee and hoodie range which is all deisgned and pressed by the two of us, along with lots of other lovely items, We are working on more and more everyday so we will keep you all posted.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Phoebe & Chris 
Founders of Leo the Lion